Why Us

Shared Stakes

As partners, we both share responsibility for conversions. We put our skin in the game to prove this by investing into a dedicated team for your success.

Market Insights

With our strong analytics, we help our clients take informed decisions about candidate and technology availability in their respective regions.

Applicant Review Filters

Video interviews, Psychometrics, Technical Tests and other filtration techniques are applied to shortlist the most precise candidate profiles.


Only genuine candidates are sourced using social media, databases & reference checks. Quality resumes are submitted through a refined review mechanism.


Complete candidate and recruiter information is shared along with a dashboard and progress


We sign NDAs with all parties and ‘Right to Represent’ agreements with candidates. We follow best practices in data security to protect your information.

Passive Recruiting

We continually engage our candidates through experience surveys & devoted communication channels. Our ATS is dynamically updated with the latest resumes.

Relationship Manager

A well-trained and dedicated on-premise manager is deployed for large volume & exclusive business requirements.