About Us

OKAYA was established in 2006 with the mission to make a positive difference for clients, vendors, employees, stakeholders, and beyond. We work in a close-knit family, abiding by a strong set of principles that guide all our actions.

Our headquarters in OKAYA Centre is an award-winning corporate facility, which neighbors other leading IT companies. Whereas our regional offices in New York and London put us at the heart of major global economies.

OKAYA takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously through its own foundation. We impart free education to fatherless children, fund 12,000 schools, and provide 70,000 free medical consultations among various other initiatives.

Core Values

  • Customers Come First – Prioritize customers over everything else
  • Human Capital, Best Capital – People-centric work culture
  • Together We Stand – Teams come before individuals
  • Free From Bias – Equal opportunities for all genders, race, and age

Corporate Alliance

OKAYA is a symbol of trust and quality for years making it a pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry. Having a total net worth of $6 billion, OKAYA is a leading multibillion-dollar brand in over 17 countries and has a presence in over 50 countries. OKAYA is synonymous with providing world class products and services.

Our strategic technology partner, TechCurl is a growing production and development house with offices in UK and India that offers a wide range of digital services and develops digital solutions to meet your business requirements. Collaborating with specialists in every area, they work closely with agencies and businesses to deliver excellence every time.


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