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How to give mental health support to employees returning post coronavirus lockdown

Pankaj Kumar
these tough times of coronavirus and lockdown when almost the whole world is battling out with this “invisible enemy”, there are also many people who need mental health support as well as the physical health support...

Realities of the Millennial Workforce

Akshay Gupta
We have hit an inflection point. The Millennial Generation is now the majority workforce. Why is this a big deal for organizations? Are these young adults in their 20s & 30s truly different from the previous generations or is the media overhyping this changeover?...

Embracing Design Thinking

Rajesh Bansal
We are born with an intuitive mind and always want to explore new possibilities. A limitless imagination took us to the moon. Again, the iPhone and electric cars are the most magnificent examples of disruptive innovations. These products are part of our lives today...

Best Tips to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Pankaj Kumar
To maintain a health work life balance is somewhat difficult to achieve in today’s modern word. Today, you may not believe in “9 to 5” jobs where you are able to come home on time. I can remember my father who could come on time almost every...

Hunger Defines Success: Everywhere OR Just Here?

Praveen Juneja
It has been 10 years in the US staffing industry and what I have observed is, if you are trying to achieve your targets you need to have that hunger for the numbers you have set as your target. I have seen people talking...

The Four Rules of Usability in Design

Yuvraj Naruka
The design is based upon an explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments. You must understand your users and what they want to do with the system. This understanding is arrived at by directly observing their behavior in context.

You Must Embrace Change Before Change Erases You

Gaurav Singh
The above quote by Rob Liano begs discussion... Is Change a monster or is Change and imperative? Why is Change Important in an Organization? Change helps companies keep up with…