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Best Tips to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Best Tips to Maintain Work-Life Balance

To maintain a health work life balance is somewhat difficult to achieve in today’s modern word. Today, you may not believe in “9 to 5” jobs where you are able to come home on time. I can remember my father who could come on time almost every day from school (he is a retired teacher). This was also possible because of the less traffic in that era. We had the liberty to spend quality time with both the parents every day. Then, the pace of life was affordable and lenient. For my parents, it was easier to have an eye on kids.
The present-day can only give you weekend where you can think of spending a leisure time with the family or friends. Weekends are the most awaited days of the week. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your job. This shows that how much time you lose and how much you are eager to compensate it. You can’t even think of doing anything on the weekdays. These days, office hours are so prolonged that they keep entering your personal hours which you can never settle.

Statistics on Work-Life Balance
According to www.pcma.org, following are the statistics on work-life balance:
• 57 percent of employees think that the technology has ruined the definition of a family dinner.
• 60 percent of employees blame bad bosses for the most negative impact on work-life balance.
• 38 percent of employees have missed life events because of bad work-life balance.

• You always have a day of weekdays where you have to submit something urgent the next day. There remains no other option but to complete it in the after hours or at home.
• You have this boss who is fond of taking meetings at the end of the office hours which are prolonged.
• Some sudden urgent request pops up from one of the reputed clients.
• Extended client engagement.

What you Miss in Life
You can always think of many important events which get sidelined because you were not available that day. It can be anything:
• Those romantic dates
• Social meetups with family and friends
• Birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones
• Workout sessions
• Pre-decided trips
• Health check-up of self and pets
• Home repairs
• Pending shopping
• Music concerts, exhibitions, plays, and movies
• Many more…..

Importance and Benefits
Work-life Balance is the most talked aspect of the life in one or the other discussion. You may call it something else but the core issue remains the same.
• A healthy work-life balance gives you a break from your monotonous routine.
• You will always get some time for yourself, family, friends, and relationships.
• You are never accused of not having time for others.
• Your wives and girlfriends will never get a chance (this is not guaranteed) to say that legendary accuse “you don’t give much time to me these days”.
• Your kids and life partners will always feel your involvement on those special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.
• You can go in search of your passion and get some time for hobby exploration as well.
• You can also involve yourself in some community work which leads to a great satisfaction.
• Even the pets have some expectations as well.


What Happens in Office, Stays in Office

How to make it possible
• Have a healthy routine for weekdays as well as weekends.
• Always come on time and leave on time.
• Start your day with organizing your tasks for the day.
• Time Management is a key to arrange some extra time for sudden office errands. Use calendars and notifications so that you are not forgetful of important tasks.
• Collaboration is very helpful in dividing bigger tasks into smaller once. This saves time and effort of a single person.
• Office meetings should have a pre-decided agenda and duration so that they are completed in time.
• Always complete the task before the deadlines instead of always pumping up the effort in the end.
• Focus only on working hours rather than justifying office hours.
• Stay away from distractions like social media, games, gossiping in the office.
• Work-life balance is not only affected by extending office work but also bringing some personal problems and work to the office. This also eats up office time.
• Have some personal expectations from yourself.

You should always keep in mind that you work to have a better life for yourself and your loved ones. More work can give you more money but time lost can never be recovered. Make the most of the time you get. Give your best to your work and life. Don’t just be busy but stay productive on both the fronts.

– Pankaj Kumar